Analysis of Multi-Hand Blackjack

Introduction to Multi-Hand Blackjack

Pragmatic Play’s Multi-Hand Blackjack is a tamer take on the classic casino game that found great success among American players at online casinos. While staying true to the original rules, this variation offers players a higher than average return to player % at any of the casinos running Pragmatic Play’s software.

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Structure of the Game

Pragmatic Play’s Multi-Hand Blackjack is visually and structurally unsatisfying. The felt is blue, and while the intricate chips in the backdrop appear great, not much else can be said, especially regarding the cards, which look extremely cheap or of bad quality.

The table’s big features take up a considerable portion of the playable surface. The betting interface, however, is the most noticeable part of the design because it is not user-friendly. You can’t just click the chip you want and hope it lands in the right spot on the felt; instead, you have to press the plus and minus buttons five times to get the maximum stake. This is purely an aesthetic problem, but it’s still annoying.

However, the ability to play on mobile is fantastic, and it also addresses some of the problems with the design aspects by making them appear of higher quality on mobile devices.

We appreciated that we could select a male or female dealer voice instead than the default English female voice.

Inherent Characteristics

Multi-Hand Blackjack is essentially the same as regular blackjack, therefore there is nothing particularly special about it. It is common practice for American online blackjack casinos to allow players to wager on many hands simultaneously.

As is customary in most games, the dealer must draw to 16 and stand on 17, and the payout for a blackjack is 3:2, while insurance pays 2:1.

Probably the most important addition to this blackjack game by Pragmatic Play is the inclusion of a strategy chart for players to use while selecting whether to hit, stand, double down, or split.

The game uses an above-average eight-deck shoe and pays back 99.62 percent to players.

Multi-Hand Blackjack: Our Opinion

In general, Pragmatic Play’s Multi-Hand Blackjack offers a standard blackjack experience. The creators haven’t done anything particularly remarkable, but they also haven’t managed to completely ruin the classic blackjack formula, either. While we think there are better 21 variations available, the game’s above-average RTP will entice some gamers.

In addition, you won’t be shortchanged if this is the sole blackjack option at your preferred virtual casino.

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