The Kidlings of Tiger Island

The Kidlings of Tiger Island

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Imagine if you could stay a kid forever. Imagine if you could control how old you got and how fast. Impossible? Not if you live on Tiger Island. Not if you're a Kidling.

Danny and his sisters---Lisa, Stephanie, and Kimberly---take their family's sailboat, the Margaret K, out for a tame adventure on a calm, summer day. But when the worst storm of the season springs up unexpectedly, they are swept away, past the breakers, out of the calm of the cove and into the forbidden open waters.

Shipwrecked on Tiger Island, they decide to explore and discover a world beautiful beyond belief and fantastic beyond imagination. They meet a girl named Kachina who tells them that her people are called Kidlings. The Kidlings are able to stay young as long as they choose, but only with the help of magic berries that grow in a secret location and can only be picked once a year---and it's time for the harvest!

Join Danny and his sisters as they meet the Travelers, Changers, Darwins, Cook-Cooks, and, of course, The Kidlings of Tiger Island.

by Quentin O. Cupp Jr.

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